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Some thoughts from Rupert Meese

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About Rupert

Rupert Meese

What is a Symbolic Modeller?

I help people stuck with patterns that do not suit them, to discover ones that do, and so find greater freedom.

Essentially this means that I ask people psychoactive questions which guide awareness to the place where things can get better.

What Kind of questions?

A type of questions know as Clean questions.  I work in one to one sessions with clients in person or over the phone.  During the session we explore the clients inner worlds: the images, metaphors and dreamscapes that underpin the clients experience in whatever context we are working.

Clean questions are a poetic language constraint which uses the clients words and a limited number of questions to allow the client to travel into their inner world and, in the adventures there, to discover new resources, natural wonders and new ways of being.

You can read more about it here on my Zen Listening website, or here at the Centre for Symbolic Modelling.

What kind of better?

The kind of better that happens through self discovery.  Where the energy needed to ‘just be’ gets less and so there’s more of ‘oursleves’ for the things that are important to us.

If you’re scared of spiders for example, then always you have some energy going into protecting yourself from the danger of spiders, some kind of constant lookout, some places where you can’t go.  When that fear goes, replaced by a more life enhancing pattern, then you no longer need to be on guard, the energy needed to ‘just be’ decreases and the energy for life increases.

Anything else?

There’s lost more about symbolic modelling.  I also created the Butterflytent.  This is a website creation service for individual service providers such as therapists and alternative health practitioners.  I created it since even with a computer background there didn’t seem to be a satisfactory way to get a website that would appeal to clients (Reiki at the time, for me), look good, help me be found on google, be simple to create and modify and be in the right price range.

Then what happened?

It seemed that it had to be down to me to create that service.  I knew of so many therapists and practitioners without any website and so many that did were not satisfied, so I created a service that would really fit the needs of this group.  One of the main things was that therapists should not need to become internet experts to create a website.  Domain names, meta data, keywords, search engine optimisation, directory submission and so on were all things that I wanted to be taken care of more or less automatically, so that you can turn your attention to them should you feel the need, and before then they remain in the background working and all in order.

The Butterflytent carries on this approach of doing as much as possible for you so that you make changes to what is already there.  In fact from the moment you create your website you have a fully functioning four page site complete with images and customised text.  This means that you are never faced with the tyrany of a blank page, and you can tune and adjust from a sound starting position.  Everything is configurable right from the browser.


One Response to “About Rupert”

  1. Dina said

    Hi Rupert

    I’ve been reading some of your stories on your site and I’d love to speak with you about your experiences in Morocco. Am I able to call you in the next few days?


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